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Can Rachel Berry rock a beret? McKinley High goes international and invites a French glee club to town! In this hilarious culture-clash story, Kurt gets an entourage, Finn falls for a new girl, and Puck realizes that some suave moves are lost in translation. In this second original novel, you’ll get more mash-ups, more show-mance, and more Sue.

The one con that I had with this book is that everything is kind of predictable. You can easily predict what is going to happen and how everyone is going to react to it (Puck who wants to get a girl, Rachel who wants to get rid of a girl, Finn who also wants to get a girl, Kurt shopping with girls).
But other then that it is a fine book and much better then the first one. Finally something is happening and it’s not even based on a TV episode so it’s really brand new. That makes it a lot more interesting and I have good hopes that the next book will still be fun.

Recommend it?
Yes, I would definitely recommend this book. If you have read the first one you might be doubting if you want this one (I totally understand that since it was a bit boring) but this one will satisfy your Glee cravings much better then the first one.