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So, I haven’t posted anything for a while and I’m really sorry but there were so many things going on for these last few weeks! For one: my internship started. Three days a week I’m working from 9 till 5 and it takes a lot of energy. Other then that I still have school and I have been sick for like a week (fever, coughing, losing my voice and so on). But now I’m all better and I finally am getting back in my normal rhythm. So here’s a little update on everything:

My manuscript: is going really well. Ideas are popping up every now and then and I’m really confident that I can start writing on the 1st of January.

My reviews: as you might have seen I have posted my first review video but the quality of my sound and camera are really crappy. So I have decided that for now I will write down reviews on my blog until I have a new camera since I would rather make something with good quality then the crappy kind of version like my first one.

My life: is going just fine. Like I said, internship asks for a lot of energy but I love doing it. I’m really happy and looking forward to the holidays (sleeping in! <3 )

So, that’s kinda it. For now I will post a review around once a week here (a written version) which I will probably make into a video when I get a new camera. And starting in January I will probably post stuff about my story. Hope to see you then and tell me how you are doing~!