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Hi everyone!

I’m almost ready to sleep but I first wanted to do a quick update.

For the ones have been wondering: I have made my first review video today. All I can say about it for now is this: it isn’t perfect. I have a crappy camera, a crappy mic and I was really nervous so to me I look like a zombie! I usually talk with a lot of hand movement but because of the nerves I barely did that. I will post it on my Youtube channel tomorrow and on my blog. I’m going to collect some money so that I can buy a better cam and mic but until then I hope that you will bear with me. Let’s stay positive and I hope that you will watch my review.

Also, while I was thinking about the plot for my book today in the bus, suddenly a whole different story idea popped up in my head! It’s a fantasy and I have written it down. I might do it as a side project or I will wait until I have finished my dystopian story first. What to do… Any advice?

Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite…