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So, I said that I would post a review on Saturday. I was planning to do this but things happened and I couldn’t find the time anymore. That and the fact my laptop camera is kinda crappy (it makes me look purple when I have to use lamps for light…) I’m saving money for a new computer so I can’t make a review video right now. I will do this next Saturday, I promise it! (I just really need some daylight!)

Now… regarding my first book: I have made a schedule. Basically, I have given myself until new years to build up my world. January the 1st will be the day that I’m actually going to start writing it. Since I’m still in the middle of building up my world and making up the plot and such I can’t tell you all that much yet except that it will be a dystopian type of novel.

Sorry that I can’t give you more yet (review and book wise) I will do my best and let you know asap when something happens.